Hello my name is Marc !

DJ, local guide but also food lover and cheerful person, I am a big fan of my city.

I was born and raised in Marseille. My family came here in 1874 so I am really impregnated with its culture, history and food habits.  

For over 2 years now I organize, through WeMarseilleTours, some Fat E-bike excursions, which are superb electric mountings with oversized wheels and which allow to comfortably survey the paved roads like rocky trails.

I also propose Foodies Tours, Cooking Workshops and Boat Tours to discover, taste and enjoy our beautiful city.

A scholarly blend of outdoor activities, cultural and historical anecdotes, free time, swimming, photo stops, nature parks, monuments, local tasting and good tips that I share with the visitors witch, I hope, you will be part of !

Please check the amazing reviews I had so far !!

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